Moving to the Southern!

Hey everyone! You might know what I’m talking about because of the title, but I’ll tell you anyway! I’M MOVING TO GEORGIA!!! Yes I know… It’s 20% sad but I’m 80% EXCITED!!!! The reason I’m moving down there is because none of my relatives live where I live! It’s going to be great but I’m also worried. It’s because there are Copper Heads, Red Ants, and Water Moccasins! EEEKKK! But I can’t wait. You may be wondering: Where in Georgia is she going to live? The answer is…I DON”T KNOW!!! You also might be wondering: When is she going to move? The answer is….At the end of June! That is so close!!! I’ll see you later! BYE BYE!!! 

Wyvern Facts!!!!

People mix up Wyverns with Dragons because there is only one difference between them! It’s because Wyverns have two legs and Dragons have four! There are a lot more facts about Wyverns and I’m about to tell them to you! 1: Wyverns are more associated to cold powers than fire! Actually they can rarely breath fire! 2: Wyverns are a very popular mascot in different teams like The St. Francis athlete team! 3: Wyverns are known to be in various games, I think in Game of Thrones! And that’s all the important facts I could find but there are many, many more little facts that may have bored you at this post if I put them on! Hope you like this post and I’ll make sure to make more!! BYE BYE!!

Interview (again!!!!) with (drumroll) MRS.VANDERSTEL!!!

Today I’m doing a blog post about another interview with a teacher at Georgetown!!! (Mrs.Vanderstel if you are reading this I may not be very accurate because I lost the paper of the stuff you told me) BUT ANYWAY!!! The first question was 1: Why did you want to become a teacher? She said (I think) “Because she wanted to teach kids!” 2: I asked her, Why do you like teaching? And she said (I think) “Because she wanted to be surrounded with kids”. 3: I asked her what is your favorite day of the week? she said “Friday”. 4 And the last (because I can’t remember more):Who was your naughtiest kid and what did she or he do? She said “A boy from another school stole electronics from other kids.” That’s it for today and I’m so happy I got to interview my 3rd grade teacher and I hope you liked this post! BYE BYE!!!!!P.S Here’s a picture of her and me!

Interview with….. *DRUMROLL* BRENDAN!!!!

I had an interview with Brendan and now I will tell you what he said!!!! The first thing I asked him was, “What is his middle and first name?”  He said, “Brendan Issac”.  2: “How many brothers and sisters do you have?” He said, ” 1 brother and 1 sister”. 3: “What are your favorite hobbies out of school?” He said, “Playing football”. 4: “What is something special about you that others might not know?” He said, “My brother got married last week”.  5: “What is something exciting that you have done in the last year?” He said, “I went to Disneyland!” 6: “If you had a million dollars,what would you do with it?” He said, “Buy a mansion for my family”. 7: “What would be one good thing you would do to help the world?” He said, “Make world peace”. And those were all the things  I asked!!! Hope you liked learning about Brendan!!! BYE BYE!!!!!!!

XOXO To Everyone!!!!! <3

When you see the symbols XOXO you know what holiday it is?!! VALENTINES DAY!!!!! Here are 5 (plus 1 extra) facts about Valentines day!! 1: There is a secret about Valentines day that there is a person, St. Valentine, to do with the holiday but we don’t know!!!! 2: Approximately 150 MILLION Valentine cards are exchanged to people! 3: V day is the second most card sending holiday!!!! The first is Christmas. 4: Valentine (the person) sent the first Valentine card ever!!!! 5: People in America probably exchanged hand-made Valentines card during the 1700s. Now here are the 2 extra facts!!!! Thanks for reading this post! BYE BYE!!!!!

Book Review #1: The Series of Unfortunate Events

This book review is about The Series of Unfortunate Events! This series is about 3 kids named Sunny, Violet, and Klaus (pronounced KL-OW-S).Their bad luck started when Mr.Poe came up to them and told them their parents died in a terrible fire. Then they had to live with him for a bit. Then they moved to the antagonist of the story, Count Olaf. He really wants their fortune so bad that in the 2nd book, he does something really bad. He treats them very bad until he tells them about the play he’s doing and he wants to “figuratively” marry Violet,  but later (WARING:SPOILER ALERT!!!) Klaus finds out that he is really going to marry her because in the book any man who marries a woman is in complete control of her money.  Read the book to find out how it ends!!!! BYE BYE!!!!

My gift from Christmas was……SIMS 4!!!!!!! :D

My one gift was Sims 4 because I watched soooooooo many videos on it and it was AMAZING!!! You should have it because 1:You get to create your guy by making their name and last name and make their appearance!!!! 2:You get to choose their clothes!! yeah their clothes!!! 3:You get to make their lives!!! Make friends with people!! Find love!!! and make a family!!!! P.S. This game is realistic, so expect your guys to grow old and die soon!!! *tears from humans* 4:You get to pick your guy’s jobs!!! In my opinion, if you got Sims 4 get to work pick the doctor job!! And thats all I discovered!! I and that’s why you should get Sims 4!!! BYE BYE!!!!